DEC/DTPC, CSOs Stakeholder Advocacy Meeting

Under the decentralization policy, lower local governments, Sub Counties in particular have the mandate to plan for and deliver services to the local communities in their jurisdiction. However, Sub Counties are often times confronted with challenges requiring broader attention and District solutions. No doubt the District planning unit, The District Executive Committee (DEC) and the District Technical Planning Committee (DTPC) are at the nucleus of the decision making and are in better position to respond to these challenges. It is against this background that CAP purposefully organized and facilitated advocacy and engagement meetings involving DEC/DTPC, CSOs, and Subcounty leadership to foster dialogue between the district and Subcounty leadership on matters of service delivery.The Meetings The Meetings was held on Thursday 3rd December 2015 in Bukedea district headquarters. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 participants involving the members of the DEC Headed by the District Chairperson LCV, Hon William Tukei, the DTPC members headed by District CAO, Mr. Olila, the RDC Bukedea, LCIII Chairpersons, Subcounty Chiefs, Focal point persons Planning and the Sub accountants of Kidongole, Bukedea and Kachumbala Sub Counties conducted, Media fraternity and members of civil society.
Hon. William Tukei, The LCV Chairperson addressing participants during the DEC/DTPC meeting
Hon. William Tukei, The LCV Chairperson addressing participants during the DEC/DTPC meeting
The meeting agenda was drawn based on the issues, concerns and challenges arising from the Sub County advocacy meetings and form the monitoring reports. The issues discussed included; a) the endemic late and partial release of funds to the sub counties that was affecting implementation of planned projects, b) Non remittance of 65% of the Local Service Tax to the Sub Counties by the district, c) The status of the stalled construction projects in Kasoka P/Sch, Kocheka HCII, Bukedea Subcounty Administration block and Kachage P/Sch, d) The manpower gaps in the Sub Counties especially parish chiefs, e) The disputes surrounding quarrying in Kachumbala, f) The wide spread land disputes involving government institutional land g) The issue of Katekwan P/Sch which has been closed for two terms for lack of pit latrines among other contentious issues. The district planner Mr. Ongaba also used the meeting to guide the Subcounty leaders on the new policy shifts on planning and budgeting, especially the implications of the straight through policy of grant disbursement (DDEG) to the Sub Counties. The meeting resolved among other things that;
  • The office of the CAO should recruit more parish chiefs and expedite the recruitment of a district lands officer to deal with land issues.
  • Matters of the disputed quarrying in Kachumbala will forward to and handled by the district council so that matters of remittance of royalties to the Subcounty and environmental degradation are sorted.
  • The Sub Counties should always remit 35% of the local revenue as agreed to allow the district remit 65% to the Sub Counties.
  • The issue of Katekwan and Kachumbala P/Sch would be treated as an emergency and would be referred to council for a resolution to be passed so that the matter is addressed under disaster funding.
  • ¬†On the stalled projects the district engineer was tasked to ensure that all pending projects are completed and council would see to it that this happens sooner than later
. The meetings were appreciated by the leadership as being timely and spot on especially as the Sub Counties needed to be guided on the new policy shifts and allocation of the Discretionary Development Equalization Grant.

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