Radio Talkshow-Bukedea District

Media advocacy is one of the activities that are conducted under the current PAGG project.  Media is a very powerful tool in advocacy because of its ability to widely reach the intended clients. For that matter   Council for African Policy in collaboration with the District water office and planning unit to reach out the community of Bukedea on water issues and the general development status of Bukedea The Talk show The one and half hour long talk show was conducted on Saturday 28th November 2015 on CONTINENTAL FM, a local Radio station located in the heart of Kumi town starting at   5:30PM to 6:00pm. The panelists included the Bukedea District Water officer, District Planner Mr. Ongaba, One politician and CAP programme Officer Mr. Odeke Stanley The talk show mainly focused on the status of water coverage in the district and the role of Water committees in ensuring sustainable functionality of the water sources in the communities. The water officer informed listeners that water coverage in the district had significantly improved and the department would continue to make the necessary efforts to ensure increased access to clean and safe water to the community of Bukedea district, he however challenged the community especially the water user committtees to play their part in ensuring sustainable functionality of the water points in their communities. The leaders also appreciated the great work and contribution of development partner s such as CAP, Build Africa, Drop in the bucket, Fields of life among others. The district planner on the other hand used the show to explain to the listeners particularly the community of Bukedea the current development status of Bukedea status in which he vehemently discussions noted that Bukedea was steadily and progressively growing and developing and that the future was bright for the district, he called upon the people and leaders of Bukedea to put aside the political differences and unite for the good of the District The talk show was highly praised by listeners noting that if more of such discussions were regularly conducted, it would have a significant impact in creating change in the mindset of the community towards good water and sanitation.

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