SMC/PTA Training in Ngora and Bukedea

SMC/PTA training is one of the activities that are conducted under the current PAGG project.  SMC/PTA is a very important team and plays a crucial role in regard to the  proper management and governance of the school, in that respect building the capacity of  these groups to better understand their roles and duties is critical in ensuring that deliver on their mandate.   Council for African Policy in collaboration with the District Education Office and the Sub county leadership continued to conduct the trainings. The Training The trainings were conducted in Ngora on 28th October and 6th to 7th November 2015 in Kachumbala and Kidongole sub counties respectively. Each of the trainings was attended by approximately 50 participants involving 13 SMC members and 2 PTA representative in each of three selected schools from the two sub counties, the sub county leadership, DEO and DIS. The training was facilitated by the District Education Officer (DEO), District inspector of Schools (DIS) Ngora District, sub county chief and an official from Council for African Policy who made presentations of relevant topics. The participating schools among others included; Koboli, Katekwan Kawoo Kidongole, Kongunga, Komuge and Kotia Primary schools.
Mrs. Anyango Jane, the DIS Bukedea District presenting during SMC Training in Bukedea
Mrs. Anyango Jane, the DIS Bukedea District presenting during SMC Training in Bukedea
The training content was designed to give a comprehensive package to the participants. The topics covered included among others, the composition of the SMC, Legal frameworks for SMC existence, UPE guidelines and resource mobilization for institutional development, etc. In the opening and closing remarks, both the sub county chief and chairpersons of the two sub counties implored the participants to be committed to the mandate that they were entrusted to and underscored that SMC plays a pivotal role in uplifting the learning standards and performance in their schools. The training was al praised by the participants noting that the training had opened up the eyes and mind and reshaped their thinking in regard to their mandate in the schools they lead. The participants later came up with the School Improvement plans (SIPs) in which they committed to address some the challenges facing their respective schools.  Recommendations/way forward
  • SMCs should endeavor to mobilize the parents for the good of the schools they lead
  • CAP should conduct refresher training for SMC on a regular basis and more time be allocated since one day looks insufficient.
  • CAP should make follow up on the trained SMCs/PTA to track their progress towards implementing the commitments made in the School Improvement Plans (SIPs)
  • The education office should always act on the issues reported their office especially regarding the errant teachers.

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