Transparency and Accountability Monitors (TAMs) meetings (Sub county level)

Community based monitoring plays a crucial role in a bid to engender improved service delivery especially because of the ability to highlight the service delivery gaps where they exist and bring to the attention of the leaders for action to be taken. In that regard, CAP trained community transparency and accountability monitors (TAMs) from time to time conduct social service delivery monitoring within their communities with a view of documenting the service delivery gaps and draw the attention of the duty bearers to address them. Therefore creating forums through which such gaps can be forwarded to the attention of the duty bearers is critical. Against that backdrop CAP conducted meetings at Subcounty level involving community monitors (TAMs) and sub county leaders across the six target sub counties (Kachumbala, Kidongole, Bukedea, Mukura, Ngora and Kobwin) and were intended  to allow for close interactions between the monitors and the leadership. The meetings offered a great opportunity for the monitors to front their monitoring finding and service delivery gaps to the leaders.
Mr. Ochung the DEO Ngora presenting during SMC training in Kobwin Sub County
Service delivery concerns ranging from teacher absenteeism in schools, late opening and early closing of health units, wide spread drug stock outs, poor management of some water sources among other issues were brought to the attention of the leaders. The meetings were also used to share the simplified budget fliers for financial year 2015/16 in order to keep the monitors informed about the approved Subcounty planned projects for the respective parishes to aid close monitoring of such projects during implementation. The meetings were conducted from 8th to 16 October 2015. CAP will take keen interest in following up the issues during the advocacy at various levels

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