About Us

soroti2Council for African policy (CAP) is an independent Civil Society Organization (CSO) registered and operating in Uganda as a not for profit company limited by guarantee without a share capital. CAP wishes to impact on service delivery through emphasizing and influencing integrated policy planning; budget governance; inclusion and participation in decision making processes; and environment and natural resource governance. Guiding Principle... 
  • Legitimacy: CAP has established core issues of engagement with a spectrum of stakeholders as part of her method of operation and maintains trust worthiness and reputation through active contact.
  • Credibility: Stakeholders represented by or working with CAP actually believe in us and have confidence and trust in us. CAP will maintain stakeholder satisfaction including providing actionable data from which they can be empowered to demand for improvement in public services as well as processes.
  • Accountability: CAP is held responsible for its activities publically and internally. CAP will ensure that stakeholders and their members are responsible and accountable not only to their constituency, but also to each other.
  • Power: CAP will use and control of her resources (money, infrastructure, employees), to influence, and have authority.
You may download our Corporate Strategy here