Budget Governance

budget The quest for value for money in government activities has brought monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to the fore of development management. Within the realm of development management, CAP will provide all stakeholders engaged in the development debate a better means of learning from past experience, particularly as it relates to Fiscal Budgets and their implementation to improve service delivery, as well as planning and allocation of resources through robust M& E efforts. Budget monitoring and Performance Evaluation will focus on 4 key areas:
  • Effectiveness: To what extent have the programmes achieved their objectives and reached their target group(s)?
  • Efficiency: Do the expected programmes/project results continue to justify the costs incurred?
  • Relevance: Does the programme/project continue to make ...
  • Impact: Is there a perceived change in the status quo i.e the degree to which the beneficiaries are affected positively or otherwise?
There are three critical areas that undermine effective budget governance in Uganda: authority and control over the budget, budget indiscipline and incremental budgeting, corruption and abuse of office. Therefore, CAP will endeavor to act directly or indirectly to increase people’s access to information and opportunities for sustainable development. In so doing, CAP will strive to enhance people’s capabilities to make rational choices and to influence policy processes that affect their lives.