Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Government Operations

transparency CAP will research and document: Poor access to public services (inefficiency); Indifference, collusion with vested groups (non responsiveness of government programs; Rampant corruption, Extortion; Weak accountability; and Loose systems & weak integrity (abuse of discretion) all of which are widespread in Uganda. With regard to service delivery, CAP will research and document service delivery to the poor; Resource investments and results; Possible roots of problem; Budget allocations and how they are determined; Expenditure tracking; Monitoring and accountability and demand side constraints. All these actions are deemed paramount in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure. CAP will help the   public to understand the obligation of power-holders to account for or take responsibility for their actions in both their conduct (by obeying the rules and not abuse their power) and their performance (by serving the public interest in an efficient, effective, and fair manner). CAP will use the civic engagement approach in attaining this objective i.e. ordinary citizen and/or civil society organizations will participate directly or indirectly in exacting accountability. A range of actions, tools and mechanisms that citizens, communities, civil society organizations, government agencies, private sector and the independent media can use to hold public authorities and other power holders accountable for their decisions, conduct, performance and actions will be used. They include: participatory budgeting, public expenditure tracking, citizen monitoring of public service delivery, citizen advisory boards, social audits, citizen score cards, lobbying and advocacy campaigns In addition, CAP feels that there is need to shift from coping to ‘VOICES’ by Citizens: from ‘Shouting’ to ‘Counting’ - quantify voice and feedback; from Reaction to Informed Action; from Episodic to Organized Action; and from Confrontational to “Win-Win” situations.